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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The KXploit - no more swapping

Spanish PSP-Dev team member, Killer-X, who recently released the "swaploit", has just released a new and improved method of running homebrew applications on PSPs with the v1.50 firmware. The new technique (dubbed "KXploit") still involves converting homebrew programs using a PC application, but once they're on the memory stick duo, you simply select the icon in the PSP menu and press a button to run it. No swap required. It's a far more elegant solution, that will no doubt lead to many more people running emulators on their PSPs. The emulation scene is still going gangbusters, with the first release of a GBA emulator for PSP today, and rumours of a PSone emulator in development.

The other factor that may lead to increased take-up of homebrew on PSP will simply be the lack of official PSP games being released. There's a noticable black hole in the PSP release schedules between now and September, with very few titles coming out, and even fewer worth getting excited about. Emulation should provide a welcome distraction for PSP owners until the second generation of PSP games are released.

If you're interested you can download the KXploit pack here.

By the way, thanks for the 50,000 hits everyone.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Given up commenting on other consoles and actual gaming experience? All the PSP news is getting tedious.

12:15 am  
Blogger Adam said...

wow, slashdot just got this, you had it a day before they got it! nice!

6:50 am  
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