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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Brew O'clock for PSP

Most of you probably would have read my earlier write-up on how the PSP is currently underclocked to a maximum of 222MHz, and how it's full 333MHz clockspeed will be released by Sony in future. Well, Sony have been beaten to the punch.

I'm pleased to report that the clever coders at Japanese dev site PSPWiki have worked out how to adjust the PSP's clockspeed, and that knowledge is currently spreading through the unofficial PSP development community. Lucky folks who still have the version 1.0 firmware on their Japanese PSPs can now enjoy the benefits of the PSPs adjustable clockspeed up to its full 333MHz potential. The PSP homebrew scene has continued growing at an amazing rate and there are now emulators available on PSP for over a dozen different game systems, including SNES, NES, Megadrive, Master System, Game Gear, GameBoy Color, NeoGeoCD and even MAME. Most of the systems can now be emulated with full sound support and 100% speed thanks to the PSP's adjustable clockspeed. At this rate, the PSP looks set to take over the GP32 as the best handheld emulation platform.

Rumour has it that a method of running homebrew applications on the much more common version 1.50 firmware (that the US PSP's shipped with) has been found and will be publically released in about eighteen hours. Stay tuned.


Blogger Ryan said...

How cool would you look playing Sonic & Knuckles on the PSP.. Not very.

9:17 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is great news.

The only problem is that there are very few people who can actually run any homebrew software in the US. A few imported 1.0 PSPs (usually from Japan) and that's it.

If the 1.5 hack turns out to be real (and it looks that way at the moment) or if there were some kind of mod chip, we'd really see the PSP take off.

I still don't get why Sony doesn't do what Danger (ie. the Sidekick II manufacturer) does. Why don't they just sign legitimate 3rd party applications?

9:18 pm  

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