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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Divineo's HD Loader

Oh boy. The PS2 scene is about to change. Divineo (makers of Messiah mod-chips) have just announced a new product - HDLoader. With this little piece of software and an unmodded PS2 with broadband adapter and harddrive, you can copy entire games from the original DVD or CD-ROM to your PS2 HD. Not only can you then run these games without the original disc being required, the games actually run better - loading times are slashed dramatically.
The implications of this are huge. You can use a third-party hard drive of up to 120GBs, so getting around 100 complete PS2 games on there would not be out of the question. To be more blatent, getting all of the games at your local video store on there would not be out of the question either, if you get my drift.

Only an NTSC/US version has been announced so far, but other regions will likely follow. At $20-$30 US dollars, this is going to be well recieved by everyone but Sony.

Visit the Official Site:


Blogger Petras said...

So I take it that yours is already in the mail?

11:41 pm  
Blogger Robin said...

Not quite yet, but yeah, I think I'll be placing an order soon enough.

10:13 am  

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