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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Super Gitaroo Brother

OMG. Fire up Windows Media Player and turn on your speakers, because you are about to witness an amazing video featuring a long-haired japanese dude playing the Super Mario Bros theme on electric guitar.
Actually, that's not quite accurate - he's playing the sound of the whole first level. For those of you who are familiar with it, you'll recognise the sound of the descent into the first underground area, the coins being picked up and even the end of level fanfare! This man is a freak. I salute him.

Right-click to save: Mario Guitar


Blogger tracie said...

The blog looks very very impressive Rob, as I knew it would. Leave all of us blogger template users to shame. I can't make lots of game related comments but I can say Arki loved the Katamari Damashii game with all its quirky music and bings and bongs.

2:17 pm  
Blogger arkisdad said...

Not bad. Dont really go for the background though. Whats all this about MGS? do you have a demo?

3:19 pm  
Blogger Robin said...

Ahh, the MGS3 demo scandal. No, no-one with the exception of the two guys who stole it has a copy of the demo. As it reportedly featured Sony's brand new copy-protection scheme, the likelihood of it turning up on the web anytime soon is low.

I can see scene now...
The young theives saunter up to the E3 2004 MGS3 display stand, crack the casing and whip the disc out.
E3 Security guards: "!" appears above heads
Status: ALERT.
Theives duck under a cardboard box.
E3 Security guards: "?"
Theives wait patiently...
Status: NORMAL

4:07 pm  

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