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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Wii all have our theories.

So Nintendo's Wii announcement has really set the gaming world ablaze. Love the name or hate it, you've got to hand it to Nintendo - in the lead-up to E3 2006, everyone is talking about Wii. They've created the kind of buzz money can't buy.

So much so, that some people are claiming the whole Wii name is a PR stunt, and that the real name of the console-formerly-known-as-Revolution will be revealed at E3 in a little over a week. The proponents of this rumour point to the fact that Wii does not appear to be a registered trademark in the USA or Japan at all. Having searched the US and Japanese trademark websites myself, it is true that "Wii" is not listed. I don't believe the rumour though. I'm of the belief that Nintendo lodged the name Wii as a trademark around the time of the announcement, and it simply hasn't been processed and listed on the websites yet. The name Wii is real and here to stay if you ask me. In fact, the more I think about the name Wii, the more sense it makes to me.

I've heard plenty of rumours about the Revolution project over the past two years, and most of them were completely false. Most of them. Some of them turned out to be correct. As many of you would know, the rumour of the motion-sensing controllers was being spread on the internet long before it was officially announced. As good as Nintendo are at keeping secrets, the people in the know are only human, and it's inevitable that a certain amount of leakage will occur.

Ever since the unveiling of the Revolution prototype about a year ago, I've had the distinct feeling that Nintendo have a big rabbit up their sleeve. The motion-sensing Wii-mote/Ninchuk controllers and backwards-compatible virtual console concepts are great, but I can't shake the feeling that the real secret hasn't been let out of the bag yet. The (let's face it) bizarre name Wii has only strengthened my suspicions that there will be a big surprise revelation from Nintendo at the forthcoming E3.

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To my mind, there are many questions that seem to have been left conspicuously unanswered. First of all, what is behind the front flap? Does it not seem a bit strange that there's a big door on the front of the console and no-one is talking about what's behind it? We know the games don't go in there, we know that controllers and memory cards don't go in there - so what's in there? Next, the controller itself: like the remotes we're all familiar with, the Wii-mote has a dark translucent panel on the end of it...but are we supposed to believe the remote works by infra-red? Infra-red game controllers are history. There's something else behind the dark panel, but what? Finally, if the console launch is only months away, doesn't it seem odd that we haven't seen any game footage at all, and only a handful of still images from devkits have appeared online? Why are Nintendo holding out on us?

Allow me then, to indulge in my grand unified theory. Here's an idea for your consideration that draws on various technical details and some of the other rumours I've heard over the past two years:

"I always thought that games would eventually break free of the confines of a TV screen to fill an entire room. But I would rather not say anything more about that."
-Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo guru.

"The Revolution will not be televised."
-Gil Scott-Heron, poet.

The console will not be connected to a television. Wii is a display device itself. The front door on the console conceals two compact projection devices, that together are able to project a stereoscopic 3D image, visable without the need for visors or headsets. As I have seen with my own eyes, this kind of naked-eye 3D display technology already exists, and looks stunning, though it hasn't yet been used for video game applications. See this page on (Physical Optical Corporation) for more details.

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Wii games will be displayed in 3D on a screen positioned between the player and the console. The stand that the prototype consoles have been shown on angles the front of the console upward for projection purposes. Beyond simply showing a 3D image from a given angle, the screen can act as a 3D "window" onto the game world, changing perspective by tracking the position and alignment of the controller. Nintendo patented this concept in US patent 6908388, which details "a game system and a game program allowing a player to feel as if a three-dimensional game space is tilted in accordance with a tilt of a game device". This process is made possible in part by a camera built into the end of the controller, which can also used for capturing player movements and transposing the player's face into the game. This is a modified version of the 'Ningen copy/Manebito' Gamecube camera accessory that was trademarked but never released.

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The name Wii is a pictogram. Nintendo have already explained the symbolism of the double i, representing the controllers and the people gathering together, but what of the W itself? The capital W is made up of two "V" shapes, that represent the twin projections.

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So that's my theory for what it's worth. I could be utterly wrong. I probably am. Regardless, as Nintendo of America's PR Manager Matt Attwood said in a recent interview with Game Informer, "I would say 9:30 in the morning on Tuesday of E3 will be filled with surprises and I would just show up...[snip]’re going to be very surprised."

I for one, can't wait. E3 2006 begins in just over a week.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

1: The front flap is for SD/CF (can't remember which) Memory sticks to be placed in for memory (Saves, games etc)

I'm not sure where you're talking about on the console, but if it's the little bit at the front, similar to those on TV remotes for infra red, it's probably to point at the tv or the motion sensor bar (that's said to come with the Wii) for Calibration so you can set the sensitivity etc...

Nice theory but really and very unlikely. I'd like for you to be right though.

3:48 am  
Anonymous troublemaker said...

Why not expand on the 3D theory ... surely the ii could mean "two eyes", which is essential for 3D! :p Personally I don't think it will happen, and from a practical standpoint I don't see how most lounge rooms or bedrooms could set it up.

9:08 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are silly. this wont happen thilly

9:17 am  
Blogger Robin said...

I like what you're thinking troublemaker. The two eyes/ii parallel hadn't even occurred to me. IGN's Matt once said that the front flap was for SD cards, but it's never been confirmed. That flap alone has always been sealed shut on trade show units. Strange that the UK patent for the console details all the other ports on the top and back of the console, but makes no mention of the front flap (despite it appearing in the patent diagrams). If it was something as innoccuous as an SD card slot, you'd think Nintendo would have openly said so by now.

9:19 am  
Anonymous troublemaker said...

I can't see Nintendo opting for a non-proprietry form of memory like an SD/CF card, where's the money in that?

10:18 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What would be the dillio on light source, not from the system itself but lighting in the room? expensive projectors still have some problems in lit surrounds.... if Nintendo where to stay within the rumoured budget surely they couldnt afford to put such a device in..

3D would be cool....... but i just dont think its that time yet, we will see uninteractive mediums in that form before we see graphically taxing and interactive mediums. (im aware of 3D movies and even games like Sly im talking Starwars Chubakka V C3PO monster chess or whatever........ and even in Starwars it wasnt to advanced.)

All comes down to affordability.

8:26 pm  
Blogger Robin said...

I'm not proposing that the Wii would use conventional bulb-based projectors. They certainly would be too expensive, too big and too hot for inclusion. The kind of projectors I'm talking about are the new generation of laser projectors designed for use in portable devices. They're tiny (matchbox sized), produce hardly any heat and consume very little energy. See for more information on these.

8:54 pm  
Anonymous TPot said...

I thought Wii was a bit funny to start with, but have to admit it has grown on me. The more I think about it, the more I am thinking the Wii might be the first time I turn to Nintendo.
I buy a console to play games. Xbox hasn't interested me and if the PS3 turns out to be a full blown media center like they have tried with the PSP (ie. not concentrating on games) then it might just scare me off.
If nintendo end up doing something unique but can't do multi-media, then back it up with solid gaming entertainment they may win me over.

3:43 pm  
Blogger Robin said...

Well, here we go...
Nintendo's pre-E3 conference at the Kodak Theatre begins tomorrow, so we'll see what they've got to reveal. For the record, I don't actually believe my own theory (though I'd like to). I was just having a bit of fun and extrapolating what could be possible. Warioware on Wii will do me just fine.

11:00 am  

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